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Final Public Project Report ~2.2Mb
Short Project Summary ~1.3Mb
Production and utilization of Black Soldier Fly.
Master Thesis Esther Nyirenda
7 Presentations from the BSF Training in April 2021
"Ich liebe Fisch" – an introduction n.d. Mb
Turning waste into value – Black Soldier Fly (BSF) – general introduction n.d. Mb
Experiences in BSF Cultivation & Small Scale BSF Production n.d. Mb
Guest-Presenter (from Crown-Project). Experience in BSF propagation n.d. Mb
Hermetia - BSF propagation in Germany ~1.2Mb
Introduction into the BSF-Pilot plant at
Bunda College
BSF-Workshop: Invitation text and workshop agenda  ~1.7Mb
Image Broschüre GMA: Fischzucht in Malawi - mit Technik aus Büsum ~5.8 Mb
Implementation of New Hatchery Technologies to Improve the Supply of Chambo (Oreochromis karongae) Fingerlings for Rural Farmer in Malawi. Tropentag 2028 ~5 Mb
The "Ich liebe Fisch"-Project Calendar 2020 ~21 Mb
The "Ich liebe Fisch"-Project Calendar 2018, Nkhotakota Edition ~19 Mb
Ernährung im Fokus, Ausgabe 01-02-2018: Aquakultur und innovative Gemüseerzeugung in Malawi. Das Projekt "Ich liebe Fisch". ~0.6 Mb
Agenda Training Course BSF, May 2021 ~0.6 Mb
Improving Community Health-Nutrition Linkages through Solar Energy Based Fish and Crop Integrated Value Chains.  B. Ueberschär & M. Gebert, Tropentag 2017 ~0.5 Mb
Implementierung moderner Methoden zur Satzfischaufzucht in Malawi - wie geht das? B. Ueberschär, 10. Büsumer Fischtag 2018 ~12 Mb
Construction of mating cages for production of BSF n.d. Mb
ZDF-planet-e: Leergefischt sind Afrikas Seen noch zu retten? A documentary about the "Ich liebe Fisch"- Project from Ulrike Peichert n.d. Mb
 Masterthesis: Determination of the best biotic and abiotic Factors for Fingerling Production of O. karongae ~2 Mb
Insekten als alternative Proteinquelle im Fischfutter für die kleinbäuerliche Aquakultur in Malawi. Dr. Bernd Ueberschär, GMA, Büsum, Fischtag 2021 ~6 Mb
Presentation "Nutrition Workshop", Oct. 2020 (in German) ~8 Mb
The "Ich liebe Fisch"-Project Calendar 2021 ~20 Mb
AquaFish Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 1, Dec. 2020 ~17 Mb
Project-brief, Status August 2020 ~ 0.9 Mb
Final Community Verification Report ~ 0.12 Mb
Report on the internship at Hermetia ~ 1.0 Mb
Report on training on entrepreneurship platforms ~ 0.2 Mb
Solar hatchery training report ~ 0.3 Mb
The Mini Fish Farm™ Operation Manual ~ 0.3 Mb
New project Sticker, png-format ~ 1.6 MB
Dithmarscher Landeszeitung: Norddeutsche Forscher helfen Fischern in Malawi ~ 1.6 MB
FORSCHUNG KOMPAKT 4. November 2019:
Bessere Ernährung für Malawis Landbevölkerung.
Optimierte Fisch- und Gemüsezucht: Fraunhofer im Einsatz für afrikanische Kleinfarmer (in German). Link to the article at the website of EMB
~ 2.6 MB
 9 Presentations from the closing meeting at the 25th of September, 2019
Review about aquaponic systems ~ 7.1 MB
Improving community health-nutrition linkages through solar energy based fish and crop integrated value chains ~ 3.8 MB
Assessment and conservation of genetic resources from the endangered species O. karongae ~ 1.5 MB
Implementation of up-to-date methods to produce fingerlings in Malawi – what was the approach? ~ 8.6 MB
Working towards boosting reproductive success of Chambo ~ 1.6 MB
Assessing economic efficiency of fish-cum-vegetable integrated agriculture aquaculture system ~ 0.7 MB
Determination of optimal biotic and abiotic factors, feed types and feeding regimes for fingerling production of Chambo, Oreochromis karongae ~ 0.5 MB
Growth and reproductive performance of Oreochromis hybrids under different management regimes ~ 2.6 MB
Project activities report-fish farmers perspectives ~ 1.8 MB
Videos from the training course hatchery operation,
arch 2019
~ n.d. MB
Report on Nkhotakotas farmers on educational visit ~ 0.6 MB
Agenda training course hatchery operation,
arch 2019
~ 0.8 MB
Training course presentation "Ich liebe Fisch"-project, March 2019 ~ 6.1 MB
Presentation cryo training Bunda Campus, Nov. 2018 ~ 1.7 MB
Training course solar hatchery operation, March 2019 ~ 7.4 MB
Training course aquaponic, March 2019 ~ 2.1 MB
Training course broodstock management,
March 2019
~ 0.2 MB
Training course larval feed, March 2019 ~ 2.2 MB
Training course production all-male tilapia through hybridization, March 2019 ~ 1.1 MB
Training course sex control in fish, March 2019 ~ 1.1 MB
Solar powered hatchery Operation Manual,
Vers. 1.0, May 2019
~ 5.5 MB
Hatcheryfeed volume 6, issue 4, 2018 ~ 5.5 MB
Press release (in German) ~ 150kB
Report on the field trip to Nkhotakota ~ 800kB
Report on the field trip to Mchinji ~ 800kB
 FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Technical Paper 601 ~ 1.9 MB
Article in newspaper (LN, in German) ~ 800kB
The "Ich liebe Fisch"-Project Calendar 2018 ~ 20 MB
Training-Document No. 1/2017 (Chichewa) ~ 1.5 MB
Training-Document No.2/2017 (Chichewa) ~ 1.2 MB
Training-Presentation 2017 (Chichewa) ~ 6.0 MB
Presentation No.1, General Meeting Nov. 2017 ~ 3.0 MB
Presentation No. 2, General Meeting Nov. 2017 ~ 4.5 MB
Report pond inspectons February 2018 ~ 0.5 MB
Article in THE DAILY TIMES, 30.09.2017 ~ 1.0 MB
"I love fish" - baseline questionnaire ~ 0.25 MB
A Fish Farmer's Guide to Understanding Water Quality ~ 0.20 MB
Recipe for fish sausages & fish balls ~ 0.20 MB
Recipe for fish-based porridge ~ 0.15 MB
 Asessment of small-scale continuous flow barrelponics system, Masterthesis ~ 1.6 MB


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